W e operate majorly in the down stream sector of the oil and gas Industry, including but not limited to bulk Commodity trading and Crude Oil blends of Nigeria Origin.

Partnerships and contracts help to satisfy supply and demand, that’s why we have entered into several long term contracts directly with producers to acquire their crude oil and refined products in large quantities for marketing around the world.

We represent, foreign petroleum and refining companies in Nigeria and any part of the world. We enter into joint venture business with foreign investors and Partners in dredging, mining, construction and importation.

As part of our strategy to help meet global energy demand, we have remained focused on these core areas;

  • Refinery Agents
  • Acquisition and sale of crude oil and natural gas
  • Direct and indirect production and supply of Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Fuel oil, Lubricating oils, Paraffin wax, Asphalt, Carbon black amongst other petroleum products.
  • Construction and ownership of refineries, pipelines, tank farm facilities, rigs, sink wells.
  • Supply oil barges, tankers, drills, plants, machinery and materials to enable us work on well, petroleum and natural gas supplies.
  • Sourcing for finance to carryout projects offshore and locally.
  • Collaboration with companies, organization, authorities and persons

As a company, our strength to achieve the above goals is linked to our comprehensive knowledge of International oil market dynamics, supported by an understanding of local oil politics and market conditions, the interplay of Risk, Time and Reward in Financial decisions, Skillfulness, highly experienced Multidisciplinary Board of Directors, and a committed workforce of diverse grades, who spare no effort to maintain and retain a satisfied Clientele thus ensuring our competitiveness in the Oil Industry.


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